Each year there are countless student athletes that compete at the High School level looking to gain acceptance into a four year institution to further their academic progress, and athletics towards obtaining a college degree. Each year there are countless student athletes that struggle to find anything on the table after four years of competition which has coined the phrase “unsigned senior”. A unsigned senior is usually an athlete that has passed the traditional signing day for their class which is usually before their second semester of their senior year, and still looking to market themselves last minute to colleges looking to fill scholarships for that class. As most colleges once their class has signed, are already looking ahead to the next years class, and out hard recruiting that spring and summer. Malcolm Bray, a student athlete at St. Bernard in Westchester California has spent many seasons under the California Supreme umbrella, and wasn’t always the first choice. However, what Malcolm brings to any organization of any kind will forever be the intangibles. Those things often times you cannot find in even talent that was long ago taken off the board, or those who are stuck between many options to attend a college. Malcolm is a combo guard, and typically the heart and soul of any team he has been on. In the Las Vegas BigFootHoops classic this passed summer 2017, Malcolm had advanced to play with a talented group of class of 2018, 2019, and 2020 guys that won the BigFootHoops Platinum Bracket Championship were Malcolm in his own fashion took two charges, made a critical possession jumper, and assist that helped the effort to advance California Supreme into the Championship game. Malcolm also finished as MVP with a triple double having delivered 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assist in an all area game for unsigned seniors following his senior year. Character doesn’t come around as often as it should, and doesn’t wow you on the stat sheets. However, that effort has presented Malcolm with an offer from Cal Lutheran University that gives optimism for the “unsigned seniors” across the country to get in where you fit in, work hard, trust the process, and to always display good character even when you’re not being highly recruited. Even if you’re; guys with better character, and who truly love the game of basketball will make a way throughout their careers to extend it for as long as they’re allotted. Congratulations Malcolm, and we look forward to seeing where you will enroll into college.