Marlette Byrd-Franklin is the director of administration over all of Cal Supreme’s organized events: travel, camps, and tournaments. Marlette has been with the Cal Supreme Family for 8 years. As a strong figure in the Los Angeles community, Ms. Byrd has earned her stripes by setting a standard for the modern day Inner city Queen. She is a worthy guideline that the young women of every descending generation should follow on their path to becoming a life enriching woman of God. In her experience with revolutionizing the role a mother plays in her house hold, she has perfected the art of balancing her duties as a nurturer of her loved ones, as well as embracing the laborious responsibilities of a primary provider for her house hold. Ms. Byrd has personal experience with rising from the inner city of Los Angeles to obtaining a college experience by graduating from Dorsey high school then moving on to earning an education from West LA Jr. College and UCLA while running Track. Ms. Byrd has experience in administrations, having held secretarial and treasurer positions for private sport organizations within the community over the years. Equipped with over 30 years of customer service, Ms. Byrd has the skills that have proven her effective at organizing events and seeing they’re maintained and operated efficiently.